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House [Official] Seo Hyun & Jung Yong Hwa @ We Got Married

Cuộc thảo luận trong 'So Nyuh Shi Dae' được bắt đầu bởi Còi, 17 Tháng 2 2010.

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  1. cactus

    cactus 360Kpop Member

    Ngày tham gia:
    17 Tháng 4 2010
    Bài viết:
    Điểm Trophy:

    Part 1

    Starting from the 0:41 mark.

    Y: Ah, this place…really…we were holding the umbrella.

    H: That’s right.

    MC: That looks like Sindang-dong.

    MC: Ahh, where they first came together and ate ddukbokki.

    H: “Even Your Wife Won’t Know”…right? [NOTE: This is probably a reference to the name of the restaurant, which in turn is a reference to a Korean idiom about when the food is so delicious that you wouldn’t even know if your wife died.]

    At the 1:00 mark.

    Y: Yahhh…really…how long has it been?

    H: I know.

    Y: Give us the 2-person set.

    Y: We’re not…we’re not comfortable with each other yet. Instead of being married right away, how about being a preparatory couple?

    H: It’s a good idea.

    Y: You think so?

    H: Yes…

    Y: Okay, we’ll do that then.

    H: It’s like going back in time.

    Y: It’s the same.

    MC: We’re more confused right now than the actual couple.

    Y: Why aren’t you using banmal?

    H: Oh, right.

    H: I’ll…I’ll eat it well.

    Y: “I’ll eat it well.”

    H: Eat well.

    Y: Is it done? [NOTE: Referring to the food.]

    H: I think…it’s done.

    MC: She’s still not familiar with banmal.

    Y: You’re eating well.

    H: It’s good.

    Y: Back then…you couldn’t even eat it in one bite.

    MC: That’s right! We talked about that!

    Y: You changed.

    MC: How could the ddukbokki fit in that mouth…that’s how small it was.

    At the 2:00 mark.

    MC: It means she’s comfortable.

    MC: It’s the difference between a miss and a missus, right?

    Y: This is what it tasted like.

    H: It’s the same taste.

    MC: They’re just eating.

    MC: They eat so well.

    MC: That’s called eating with an appetite.

    Y: It’s really good.

    H: It’s good, really.

    H: Isn’t it awkward to speak banmal for you?

    Y: No, I’m fine.

    Y: You speak banmal fine to Jinwoon and friends, but why can’t you do it to me?

    H: Mmm…you were upset about that?

    Y: Right.

    MC: She also speaks banmal with Jungshin and Minhyuk.

    H: But I’m much closer to you than them…you know that, right?

    MC: “You know that, right?”

    MC: He’s inhaling much too quickly.

    H: We’re really a long-lived couple.

    Y: We did everything that normal couples don’t get to do.

    Y: We played badminton, and things like that.

    H: And the duet stage. And composed a song.

    At the 3:00 mark.

    Y: Let’s do something like this. To figure out how much we know about each other…

    Y: If you don’t know…

    H: I might not know.

    Y: …a hit to the forehead.

    H: Ah, I don’t like it.

    Y: Why not?

    H: Because I don’t like hitting people.

    MC: She’s not thinking about getting hit herself.

    H: Should we write it on here? What should we write?

    H: Number one. During our 200th day anniversary,Yong did something but Hyun didn’t figure it out. What is it?

    MC: What is it?

    Y: What can it be?

    Y: What is it?

    H: Ah, what…

    Y: What, what?

    H: You have to answer it.

    Y: I don’t know, I don’t know.

    H: This one was a little hard.

    Y: What is it?

    H: The 200th day badge…you put it on your guitar during the performance.

    At the 4:00 mark.

    MC: Ahhh, that’s right.

    Y: That’s really hard.

    MC: Didn’t she say she didn’t like hitting people?

    Y: You’re scary.

    H: Well…next question. Each of us should do one at a time.

    Y: Mine’s too weak.

    Y: What did you receive after the blood donation?

    H: After the blood donation?

    H: Ah, the bookstore gift certificate.

    MC: Correct. The question’s too easy.

    H: Am I right?

    Y: You’re right.

    H: What action does Hyun dislike the most?

    Y: Ah! Mildang.

    H: Ohh…correct.

    Y: It’s right?

    H: It’s right.

    Y: The present that I was most touched by?

    H: It’s one?

    Y: One.

    MC: The scarf, the scarf.

    MC: Banmal song.

    H: Mmm…when I sang to you?

    Y: What song?

    H: Love Light.

    MC: It must’ve been right!

    At the 5:00 mark.

    Y: It’s right, but I want to change the answer.

    H: Ah, what? Why, what do you want to change it to?

    MC: At the fishing trip, she sang a song for him.

    MC: Right.

    Y: How did you know? Do you know everything I’m thinking about?

    H: Come here. You have to get hit once.

    Y: Why?

    H: You missed a question.

    Y: When did I do that?

    H: Question number one.

    Y: When did I miss the first question…

    H: You gave up on it.

    H: I’m going to hit really hard.Should I?

    Y: Ah, I hate this so much. Wait.I really hate this feeling…

    H: I don’t really like hitting theface…

    Y: I’ll just take a blow cleanly.

    H: One, two, three!

    Y: Ahh…why did you hit the eye?

    Y: In the beginning, she couldn’teven play around like that. Now….ah…she keeps throwing me all over the place.

    At the 6:00 mark.

    H: Should we go?

    Y: We need to waste all our money.

    Y: Today, I’ll cover you with jewelry.

    H: I’ll look forward to it.

    MC: With 290,000 won?

    H: Let’s go in.

    MC: They’re crossing arms.

    MC: This is where they first got their couple rings.

    MC: That’s right.

    MC: the 2,000 won rings.

    Y: It’s 2,000 won?

    Y: Go tell everyone about how expensive this ring is.

    H: But it’s 2,000 won.

    Y: We need to look at the jewelry, the jewelry.

    MC: It must still be there.

    H: 2,000 won! Look at that.

    Y: Ours isn’t here.

    H: The same thing isn’t here.

    MC: They’re disappointed.

    Y: Ah, what a pity.

    Y: I don’t know what we should buy.

    At the 7:00 mark.

    H: Back then, we were starting so there were a lot of things to buy.

    Y: We bought everything we thought we needed…

    H: This is the end, so I don’t know what we should get.

    MC: That’s right.

    H: Oh, these…

    MC: Oh, those things exist.

    Y: Yours are all sold out.

    Y: I’m the only one that’s left…

    Y: We should buy some dolls.

    H: Should we get one of each?

    Y: Okay.

    MC: That’s their idea of wasting money?

    MC: Oh!

    MC: Is that at the dorm right now?

    MC: Yes, it’s there.

    MC: I went in the house and it was sitting there. I was so surprised because I thought it was a real dog.

    Cashier: 116,000 won.

    MC: So they used up that much.

    H: It’s cold, isn’t it.

    Y: Yeah.

    H: Ah, this is funny. What should we do?

    At the 8:00 mark.

    Y: Do you remember when we came here for the first time?

    Y: I remember when we ate doenjjang jiggae here.

    H: Really. And we made kimchi.

    Y: And with the kimchi, we…

    H: Plastered everything on the wall here.

    Y: Did I do that?

    H: Yes, you did!

    Y: I think I’m going to become a kimchi-man now. [NOTE: The original Korean phrase is slightly more…artistic.]

    H: Where is it?

    Y: It should be here.

    H: Mm…it’s almost gone.

    H: We got the driver’s license.

    Y: We did the composing.

    H: Huh?

    MC: Volunteer together.

    MC: They didn’t do that.

    Y: We didn’t do that.

    H: But there’s still a lot of things we did do.

    Y: That’s right.

    Y: Reading…

    MC: Self-improvement books.

    H: What happened to that? Did you finish the books I gave you?

    At the 9:00 mark.

    Y: I only have three left.

    H: You still haven’t finished them?

    Y: Let’s just grind up some ma.

    H: This this…this won’t do.

    H: What good things did you do… [NOTE: This is part of a Korean phrase that Hyun didn’t quite finish. Basically, she’s saying “Why should I grind ma for you when you didn’t even finish my books??”]

    MC: I think they got a lot more natural.

    MC: Now.

    MC: He’s staring so intensely.

    cre: sp
  2. cactus

    cactus 360Kpop Member

    Ngày tham gia:
    17 Tháng 4 2010
    Bài viết:
    Điểm Trophy:
    Part 2.

    Y: Whenever I’m at home, I think I’m like this 80-90% of thetime.

    MC: He’s right.

    MC: It’s his style.

    Y: My own pose.

    MC: After they marry, husbands are almost like wall paintings.

    H: Do that all you want. It’s going to be the last time.

    Y: Okay.

    MC: What is he thinking about right now?

    Y: Why aren’t you using banmal?

    H: Right. Sorry…

    Y: Ahh…Seo Joohyun.

    H: Why?

    Y: You’re so funny.

    H: What’s funny?

    H: I need to get the proportions right. It’s been a while.

    At the 1:00 mark.

    Y: Out of the times when she’s in the house, I think she’s the prettiest when she’s like that. Now I can’t lie down on the couch and look at her back anymore…it’s the last time I’ll get to eat something that she’s made for me.

    Y: It’s the last shake we’ll drink.

    Y: Mmm…it’s good.

    Y: Come to my house every morning to make some for us.

    H: It’s too far. Move in.

    Y: Ride your truck.

    H: Should I?

    Y: A couple should try this out.

    H: What?

    Y: Leaning while sleeping.

    MC: Ah, lying down on someone’s lap.

    At the 2:00 mark.

    H: Sleep well, our baby~

    Y: What? Baby? Am I your baby?

    H: Our Yong husband~

    H: Wake up.

    Y: Did you make food?

    MC: If only they had an extra day tomorrow…they could’ve made more memories.

    Y: Polaroids, the polaroids.

    MC: It must be the pictures they had taken.

    Y: Isn’t this really too nostalgic?

    H: This is the letter you wrote. For our first meeting!

    Y: No, you can’t see this.

    H: Why not?

    Y: It’s going to be completely embarrassing.

    MC: There were a lot of happy moments between them.

    H: To Hyun~ From Yooong~

    H: I brought writing paper.

    H: You can just write me a short response now.

    Y: Now?

    H: To Hyunnie. Maybe it’s because we got married when we were still strangers…

    At the 3:00 mark.

    H: …I think we’re still both awkward and don’t really know what to do. But seeing how we got so close in such a short time, I think it’sgoing to be a really fun relationship in the future. Even though we’re a preparatory couple…oh, preparatory couple!

    MC: Preparatory couple.

    Y: Preparatory couple, it says.

    H: Let’s start learning more about each other. Hyuun~ From Yong.

    Y: We had forgotten about this. Yong…

    H: Hyun?

    Y: A preparatory couple. We were a preparatory couple once.

    H: We were.

    H: When we read the mission card and the letter, I thought, wow, we really went through a lot of things…I could feel that again, and a part of my heart just…froze over.

    At the 4:00 mark.

    Y: Let’s go. Let’s go, Seohyun…we need to go home.

    MC: They’re both packing their individual things.

    MC: What will it be like when they’re leaving? That feeling…

    H: Bye…

    Y: Bye…

    MC: For the last time.

    H: Bye. Ahh…

    Y: I can really feel it now.

    H: Really.

    H: Ah, I don’t want to go!

    Y: We need to go.

    H: Ah, what do I do…

    H: Ahhhhh…I don’t think I can leave…

    MC: She must feel sad.

    At the 5:00 mark.

    H: It’s like we’re getting kicked out.

    Y: Let’s go home…it’s time to take Seohyun home.

    H: Let’s go…

    MC: Seohyun must’ve bonded with the house quite a lot.

    MC: It was her first house.

    H: We’ll leave now.

    Y: Take care.

    H: Thank you.

    Y: Thank you for everything.

    Y: Seohyun, get in.

    H: Should I put this in the trunk?

    Y: Eh, it’s all right, just take it with you.

    H: This?

    H: It takes up a lot of space.

    H: Mmm…hold on.

    Y: Right. Seohyun. Can you get my guitar from the trunk?

    H: Guitar?

    Y: Yeah, from the trunk.

    H: The trunk?

    At the 6:00 mark.

    Y: Take out my guitar.

    MC: What is it?

    MC: Is something going to pop out?

    MC: I remember when the members were all surprised.

    MC: I nearly died then.

    MC: Is someone in there?

    H: What’s this?

    H: Wow!

    MC: Balloons!

    Y: They’re pretty, right?

    MC: That’s so thoughtful.

    H: Wow, they’re pretty.

    Y: Did you think I would send you off just like that?

    H: Aw, what is this.

    MC: They needed to come up like that, but they caught on the car trunk.

    At the 7:00 mark.

    MC: What a pity.

    MC: She still likes it, though.

    MC: I think there’s something else.

    Y: Please accept my heart.

    Y: I’ve never done something like this before.

    H: Thank you.

    Y: There’s also a letter.

    H: I’m touched.

    Y: I’ve always wanted to do this.

    Y: There’s a present inside.

    MC: Yonghwa’s so handsome!

    H: Wow, it’s so pretty!

    Y: How much is this?

    Owner: 350,000 won.

    At the 8:00 mark.

    MC: It was too expensive back then.

    Y: Out of the things I couldn’t do for her, it was the one that I remembered the most. So I thought about giving it to her for the last time. I think I prepared it really well.

    H: Wow, it’s pretty!

    MC: She must’ve really wanted it.

    MC: She needs to give him a hug!

    MC: That’s what I’ve been thinking all this time.

    H: I really wanted it!

    Y: This was nagging me at the back of my mind the whole time.

    H: Thank you.

    Y: You’re always pink.

    MC: Ah, so pretty.

    H: How is it?

    Y: Ah, it’s so bright.

    MC: Don’t they look really happy?

    MC: Really.

    At the 9:00 mark.

    Y: I couldn’t buy it that time because I didn’t have the money.

    H: It’s fine…

    Y: Doesn’t it look like a car from a newlyweds’ honeymoon?

    Y: I prepared all this.

    H: I’m touched, really.

    Y: You’re touched?

    MC: I think their disappointment will be doubled, now that they’ve done that.

    MC: How does she forget that kind of man…

    MC: Nayoung, you can just forget about him.

    Y: You’re thankful, right?

    H: I’m really thankful! Really!

    Cre: sp
  3. cactus

    cactus 360Kpop Member

    Ngày tham gia:
    17 Tháng 4 2010
    Bài viết:
    Điểm Trophy:
    Part 3.

    H: This is so funny.

    Y: Putting them back in is really hard.

    Y: Aigoo. What do we do with…

    H: Thank you.

    Y: Now we need to take Seohyun back to Seohyun’s house.

    H: Let’s go!

    Y: It’s my first time giving someone a bouquet.

    H: I’m getting one for the first time.

    MC: I think for both of them, they shared a lot of “first” moments together.

    Y: Now…should we go?

    H: Wait…

    Y: What’s it like?

    H: Touched.

    Y: Now I can even take you home.

    At the 1:00 mark.

    H: Wahh…really.

    Y: On the last day.

    H: I know.

    Y: We should’ve taken the car to meet your parents.

    MC: There’s still a lot of things that they would feel sad about.

    H: My parents say that you’re like their son.

    MC: Ah, such a natural nuance. [NOTE: For nearly the entire episode, Seohyun’s been talking in banmal.]

    MC: Banmal’s been getting really comfortable for her.

    H: It’s really cool that you’re driving me back to my house.

    MC: It’s really improved a lot!

    Y: How does it feel?

    H: Weird. But it feels good.

    Y: Me too.

    Y: I’m sorry for showing my choding side.

    H: No, it was good that you were so playful.

    Y: You don’t know how handsome a serious guy can be.

    MC: Being serious is handsome, he says.

    H: Yong choding.

    Y: I’m not a choding.

    H: Then?

    Y: Yong adult…

    H: Eh…

    Y: Call me Yong adult.

    H: Yong adult sounds a little weird.

    Y: Oh, right. Seohyun. I’m curious about something.

    At the 2:00 mark.

    H: What?

    Y: How many sweet potatoes do I have?

    H: Wow, really.

    Y: Out of a possible 5 points, just say it.

    H: Those stupid sweet potatoes! [NOTE: I’m sorry. But it gets the general gist of what she’s saying.]

    MC: It’s important.

    H: Out of 5 points?

    H: Mmm…10.

    MC: It’s full! It’s full!

    H: It overflowed.

    Y: There aren’t any hamburgers, right?

    H: Well, some of the time.

    Y: Not now, right?

    H: Not now.

    Y: Ah, your scarf really fits you.

    H: Ah~ it’s warm.

    Y: I wonder who made it?

    MC: He’s proud of himself.

    Y: What are you going to do, Seo Joohyun.

    H: Why?

    Y: Your life will get so boring without me.

    At the 3:00 mark.

    H: I know…what will you without someone to keep nagging you?

    Y: Me?

    MC: Really, if someone who used to nag you isn’t there it’ll feel like something’s missing.

    Y: You can nag me on the phone if you call once in a while.

    H: Okay, keep holding on to your phone.

    MC: He must not want to take her home.

    Y: We’re almost there.

    MC: They’re already there.

    Y: We’re here, Seohyun.

    H: Thank you.

    H: Let’s walk out here for a little bit.

    Y: Should we?

    H: Do you remember?

    Y: Yeah.

    H: When we first met you dropped me off there.

    Y: That’s right, until you went in I kept…

    H: I think we just exchanged bows like 10 times.

    Y: Right. The awkwardness…

    MC: They’ve really changed.

    MC: They have. They’re even holding hands.

    At the 4:00 mark.

    Y: Seohyun…

    H: Yong…

    H: I have something!

    H: YongSeo story…two!

    Y: Wow!

    H: It’s a cute…storybook.

    H: It’s a real upgrade from last time.

    Y: A long time ago, there was a boy named Yong and a girl named Hyun. Did you make the pictures and print them out?

    H: Yeah.

    Y: To celebrate their double birthday they left for a certain place.

    H: This was when I gave you the YongSeo story. This one covers everything after that.

    Y: There was a wave of awkwardness between Yong and Hyun who hadn’t met for a month, and they needed to have a conversation. So they started their first overseas trip together. Hyun’s favorite place, the birthplace of sweet potatoes. They made very happy memories together.

    At the 5:00 mark.

    Y: When did you make all this?

    H: I spent the night.

    Y: What’s this? Ah…

    Y: Hyun started working on a scarf for Yong! But…where did you get these pictures?

    H: I did a good job, right?

    Y: And like this, Yong and Hyun spent a lot of time together. They kept all of their time together with them gratefully and with care, and they lived happily ever after.

    H: The end!

    Y: Wow, this is really…really…really impressive.

    H: Really?

    Y: It’s really amazing.

    MC: Today was a very touching day for both of them.

    Y: It’s really like reading a storybook.

    Y: Look at it like this, we really did a lot.

    H: I didn’t leave out a single episode.

    Y: Exactly. Not even one.

    H: Yeah.

    At the 6:00 mark.

    Y: It was a present that touched me the most. If I had gotten this the first thing in the day, I would’ve just thought “ah, we were like this”…but I got it at the end of the day, when it was all over, I was “Right…this really is my last meeting with Seohyun.”

    H: It was cold, and…it was like our first meeting, and I felt that we could keep our beautiful memories safe like a painting.

    At the 7:00 mark.

    Y: Don’t you have anything more to say?

    H: I have a lot to say, but I can’t think of any now.

    Y: I don’t know what to say either.

    H: Me too.

    Y: Anyways, we must be feeling the same way.

    MC: That’s right.

    MC: They must be having the same thoughts.

    Y: It’s the best.

    H: Really?

    Y: The best present ever.

    Y: I can’t see you anymore…

    H: What will we do…

    MC: Ah, don’t go in, don’t go in!

    Y: Take care of it. Think of it as Yong husband.

    H: Is he my new husband now?

    Y: We’re here!

    H: We’re here.

    Y: How are you going to hold all this?

    H: Isn’t this like I’ve run away from home or something?

    H: Thank you.

    Y: I’ll see you in Sangdo-dong.See you tomorrow.

    H: In the Sangdo-dong of our dreams!

    Y: Go in now.

    H: Really, thank you so much.

    MC: He’s acting tough on purpose.

    MC: The door’s closed.

    MC: The automatic doors close pretty quickly.

    H: Ah, what do I do?

    MC: How is she going to leave?

    H: I can’t leave!

    Y: It’s okay, just go.

    MC: She’s coming back out.

    Y: Ah, again!

    Y: Don’t do it like that.

    Y: Take care.

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  4. Fish.Lee

    Fish.Lee Rainbow ♥ 9

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    27 Tháng 8 2009
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    Goodbye Guguma Couple :((


    Cre : tumblr
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    tôi đã sợ rằng end của yongseo sẽ giống như adam thì thất vọng lắm
    Nhưng...tự hào

    đã kiềm chế nhiều rồi thì cũng đã đến lúc phải bùng nổ

    nước mắt của huyn ko uổng phí đâu.

    nhờ vậy mà lòng tin của tụi mình với yongseo càng được củng cố

    và chắc chắn yongwa cũng hiểu được tc của vợ

    giọt nước mắt lấp lánh trong sáng như chủ

    p/s: snsnd 9 mạng, nhờ giọt nước mắt đó mà huyn vượt qua na và tae chiếm vị trí no.1 trong lòng tôi. rất chân thành và xúc động
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    OMG YongSeo story mình thích nhất câu "they lived happily ever after."
    có lẽ đó cũng chính là mong muốn của Seo <3
    một ngày không xa YongSeo đang hẹn hò ngoài đời thực >:)
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    Part 1( Vietrans by lpt_adt@KST)
    Starting from the 0:41 mark.

    Y: Ah, chỗ này... chúng ta cầm cây dù.

    H: Đúng vậy.

    MC: Nhìn giống như Sindang-dong.

    MC: Ahh, nơi lần đầu tiên họ đi cùng nhau và ăn ddukbokki.

    H: “Even Your Wife Won’t Know ”…right? [NOTE: Tên của quán ăn, thành ngữ của Hàn Quốc, ý là món ăn quá ngon tới mức bạn không biết gì ngoài món ăn ngay cả khi vợ bạn chết ]

    At the 1:00 mark.

    Y: Yahhh…bao lâu rồi nhỉ?

    H: Em biết.

    Y: Cho chúng cháu phần 2 người.

    Y: Chúng ta đã thật sự ko thoải mái khi ở cạnh nhau.Thay vì là cặp đôi mới cưới, chúng ta sẽ là cặp đôi sắp cưới nhé?

    H: Đó là ý hay.

    Y:Em cũng nghĩ vậy à?

    H: Yes…

    Y: Okay, chúng ta làm thế đi.

    H: Y như chúng ta đi ngược thời gian vậy.

    Y: Giống như cũ.

    Y: Sao em ko dùng banmal?

    H: Oh, vâng.

    H: I’ll…I’ll eat it well.

    Y: “I’ll eat it well.”

    H: Eat well.

    Y: Is it done? [NOTE: Referring to the food.]

    H: I think…it’s done.

    MC: Cô ấy vẫn ko quen với việc dùng banmal.

    Y: Em ăn đi.

    H: It’s good.

    Y: Trước đây...Em ko thể nào ăn mà hết trong 1 miếng.

    MC: Đúng vậy! Chúng tôi đã nói về nó!

    Y: Em thay đổi rồi.

    MC: Saog cô ấy ăn hết từng đó ddukbokki đc, miệng cô ấy nhỏ quá mà..

    At the 2:00 mark.

    MC: Cô bé rất thoải mái.

    MC: Đây là sự khác nhau giữa 1 thiếu nữ và 1 phụ nữ đã có chồng, đúng ko?

    Y: Hương vị y như cũ.

    MC: Họ chỉ ăn thôi.

    MC: Nhìn họ ăn thật ngon miệng.

    Y: Rất ngon.

    H: Thật sự rất ngon.

    H: Anh có thấy khó xử khi em nói banmal ko?

    Y: No, anh ko sao.

    Y: Em có thể dùng banmal với Jinwoon và bạn em, nhưng sao em ko dùng nó với anh?

    H: Mmm…anh đã thất vọng vì điều đó à?

    Y: Right.

    MC: Cô ấy cũng dùng banmal với Jungshin và Minhyuk.

    H: Nhưng anh gần gũi với em hơn họ…em biết điều đó mà?

    H: Chúng ta là một cặp đôi lâu bền.

    Y:Chúng ta làm những việc mà các cặp đôi bình thường ko làm.

    Y: Chúng ta chơi cầu lông.

    H: Chúng ta song ca. Và viết bài hát nữa.

    At the 3:00 mark.

    Y: Hãy làm vậy đi... Xem chúng ta hiểu nhau được bao nhiêu…

    Y:Nếu mà em ko biết…

    H: Em sẽ ko biết cho xem.

    Y: …thì chịu búng vào trán nhé.

    H: Ah, em ko thích vậy đâu.

    Y: Sao lại ko?

    H: Vì em ko muốn đánh ng khác đâu.

    MC: Cô ấy ko nghĩ là mình sẽ bị búng.

    H: Chúng ta viết ngay tại đây nhé? Viết gì bây giờ?

    H: 1. Trong kỉ niệm 200 ngày, Yong đã làm gì mà Hyun ko phát hiện ra?

    MC: Cái gì vậy?

    Y: Có thể là cái gì?

    Y: Cái gì thế?

    H: Ah, thật là…

    Y: What, what?

    H: Anh phải trả lời nó.

    Y: Anh không biết.

    H: Cái này có vẻ hơi khó.

    Y: Cái gì vậy?

    H: Huy hiệu 200 ngày...Anh cài trên guitar trong phần biểu diễn

    At the 4:00 mark.

    MC: Ahhh, đúng rồi.

    Y: Thật sự rất khó.

    MC: Ko phải cô ấy nói là ko thích đánh người khác sao?

    Y:Em đáng sợ thật.

    H: Well…Câu tiếp theo. Điều cả hai chúng ta đều đã từng làm 1 lần.

    Y: Cơ thể anh rất yếu.

    Y: Em nhận được cái gì sau khi hiến máu?

    H: Sau khi hiến máu?

    H: Ah, thẻ quà tặng của tiệm sách.

    MC: Correct. Câu hỏi này dễ quá.

    H: Đúng chứ ạ?

    Y: Em đúng rồi.

    H: Hành động nào mà Hyun ghét nhật?

    Y: Ah! Mildang.(trò kéo đẩy)

    H: Ohh…chính xác.

    Y: Đúng chứ?

    H: Đúng rồi.

    Y: Món quà mà anh thấy cảm động nhất?

    H: Chỉ 1ột thôi?

    Y: Một thôi.

    MC: Khăn quàng cổ.

    MC: Banmal song.

    H: Mmm…khi em hát cho anh phải ko?

    Y: Bài hát nào?

    H: Love Light.

    MC: Chắc là đúng rồi!

    At the 5:00 mark.

    Y: Đúng rồi, nhưng anh muốn đổi câu trả lời.

    H: Ah, Vì sao? Anh đổi câu trả lời thành gì?

    MC: Hôm đi câu cá, cô bé đã hát bài hát cho cậu ấ.

    MC: Right.

    Y: Sao em biết? Em biết tất cả những gì anh nghĩ sao?

    H: Lại đây. Em sẽ búng anh 1 cái.

    Y:Vì sao?

    H: Anh trả lời sai 1 câu mà.

    Y: Anh sai hồi nào?

    H: Câu số 1.

    Y: Anh sai câu 1 hồi nào…

    H: Anh bỏ cuộc ko trả lời mà.

    H: Em sẽ búng thật mạnh đó. Em có nên làm thế ko nhỉ?

    Y: Ah, Anh ghét cái này. ANh thật sự ghét cái cảm giác này…

    H: Em ko thích búng vào trán ng ta đâu…

    H: One, two, three!

    Y: Ahh…sao em búng mắt anh?

    Y: Lúc đầu, cô ấy ko nghịch ngợm như thế . Now….ah…cô ấy luôn đùa với tôi mọi nơi .

    At the 6:00 mark.

    H: Chúng ta đi chưa ạ?

    Y: Bây giờ phải tiêu tiền đã.

    Y: Hôm nay, anh sẽ dát kín đá quý lên người em .

    H: Em cũng mong thế lắm.

    MC: Với 290,000 won?

    H: Đi vào thôi.

    MC: Họ khoác tay nhau thật chặt.

    MC: Đó là nơi họ mua cặp nhẫn đôi đầu tiên.

    MC: Đúng vậy.

    MC: nhẫn đôi 2,000 won .

    Y: Giá nó là 2,000 won?

    Y: Hãy nói với mọi người là nó rất đắt tiền nhé.

    H: Nhưng chỉ có 2,000 won thôi mà.

    Y: Chúng ta phải nhìn trang sức, đá quý.

    H: 2,000 won!

    Y: Của chúng ta ko có ở đây đâu.

    H: Ko có cái nào giống vậy.

    MC: Họ thất vọng rồi

    Y: Ah, tiếc thật.

    Y: Anh ko biết nên mua gì đây.

    At the 7:00 mark.

    H: hồi trước, khi chúng ta bắt đầu, chúng ta rất bận vì có nhiều thứ cần phải mua.

    Y: Chúng ta mua tất cả mọi thứ cần thiết…

    H: Bây giờ gần kết thúc rồi, em ko biết nên mua cái gì cả.

    MC: That’s right.

    H: Oh, cái này…

    Y: Cặp giống của chúng ta bán hết rồi

    Y: Chỉ có anh là làm mất chiếc nhẫn đó thôi…

    Y: Chúng ta mua thú nhồi bông vậy

    H: Mua cặp hà mã đó ạ?

    Y: Okay.

    MC: Đó là cách họ tiêu tiền?

    MC: Oh!

    MC: Bây giờ nó có ở dorm của mấy em ko?

    MC: Có ạ.

    MC: Tôi đến một căn nhà và thấy nó. Tôi đã rất ngạc nhiên vì tưởng nó là thật.

    Cashier: 116,000 won.

    H: Trời lạnh quá

    Y: Yeah.

    H: Ah, chúng ta nên làm gì bây giờ?

    At the 8:00 mark.

    Y: Em còn nhớ chúng ta đến đây lần đầu lúc nào ko?

    Y:Anh nhớ khi chúng ta ăn doenjjang jiggae ở đây.

    H: Really. Chúng ta làm kim chi nữa.

    Y: Nhắc tới kim chi, chúng ta…

    H: Làm bắn lên tường

    Y: Anh làm thế à?

    H: Yes, anh đã làm bắn lên tường đó!

    Y: Anh nghĩ anh là một người - đàn - ông - biết - làm - kim- chi. [NOTE: The original Korean phrase is slightly more…artistic.]

    H: Ở đâu nhỉ?

    Y: Chắc ở đây này.

    H: Mm…Chúng bị tẩy sách hết rồi.

    H: Chúng ta có bằng lái xe rồi.

    Y: Có bài hát rồi.

    H: Huh?

    MC: Làm công việc từ thiện cùng nhau.

    MC: Họ vẫn chưa làm.

    Y: Chúng ta chưa thực hiện điều này.

    H: Nhưng vẫn có rất nhiều điều đã làm mà.

    Y: That’s right.

    Y: Đọc …

    MC: Sách rèn luyện bản thân.

    H: Sách mà em tặng anh giờ thế nào rồi?

    At the 9:00 mark.

    Y: Anh mới đọc xong 3 quyển thôi.

    H: Anh vẫn chưa đọc xong à?

    MC: Tôi nghĩ giờ họ rất tự nhiên rồi.
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    Ôi tội seo wá :( seo khóc kìa :( bùn wá :(( theo dõi couple này lâu rùi :( ..
    Nhỳn Yong tập cúi đơ đơ sao ýh :(
  9. huyen_biggirl

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    giờ phút ko chờ đợi.....

    giờ phút ko mong muốn....

    ...qua đi rồi....

    YongSeo couple in WGM đã trở thành quá khứ

    mới chỉ cách đêy có vài giờ thôi....mà khoảng cách đã là quá khứ và hiện tại...chẳng bao h trở lại đc nữa

    vâ.ng...............căn nhà nhỏ trắng muốt, con đường thật dài, cây ghi-ta nhỏ, trái tim và 1 ty còn đang e ấp chưa nở

    2 ng đẫ nận ra vị trí của ng kia quan trọng vs mình thế nào chưa

    cs của e sẽ ntn đây,....khi k còn đc thấy 2 ng bên nhau nữa

    e rất buồn đấy, 1 từ buồn chẳng đủ để diễn tả cảm xúc lúc này đâu,...hụt hẫng
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    Once upon a time, there was a young man named Yong, and a young lady named Hyun live together. Both of their birthday not far away 1989.6.22-1991.6.28, they came to a special place to celebrate their double birthday.

    Besides, there was a awkwardness feeling when there was a time when Yong and Hyun did not meet each other. Both of them need a heart to heart talk...

    Both of them started their first oversea trip... at Hyun's favorite gogoma kingdom-- both of them created a lot of happy memories...

    Tell me your wish~ tell only me....

    Created a lot of funny memories.. hmm.. comfortable.. hmm.. the feeling of bending my neck...

    Yong student!
    Hyun student! Both of us are little kids~
    khaca khaca khaca~~ haha..

    Hyun handmade scarf for Yong!
    Hardworking to knit it in Japan~ during waiting for performance~in the airplane~during CF shooting~
    Because of the wool, nearly caught an asthma
    Finally the scarf is done after a long time hardwork

    During Japan live tour, Yong lost the scarf and apologized sincerely to Hyun
    Hyun unable to believe and was hurt badly
    But, Yong's sincere apology and the scarf that knitted by himself make me believe that lost scarf was just his careless. I've understand him and get touched once more...

    Yong: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry... I can't face you

    Yong and Hyun have been together a long time..
    Happy moment...
    Depressed moment..
    Uncertain moment...
    Thankful moment..
    I will appreciate & treasure every moments and live happily....

    cre: baidu
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